Soaking up history in The Roman Baths - The Royal Bath
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Soaking up history in The Roman Baths

Soak up history in The Roman Baths in Somerset, England Through our rain-soaked tour bus window, I could almost make out Bath’s iconic, dramatically curving flats. The imposing pale, yellowish brown Georgian structures dotting the city, visible even from a distance, made a striking contrast against the lush hilltops. Never mind that Bath’s already lofty setting gave it an even more stately appearance. I […]

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Book your sightseeing tours via!

Book your sightseeing tours via! Great news! Starting today, you can now book your sightseeing tours, custom experiences with via! is now a proud partner of Viator is ‘the leading online provider of destination travel products: sightseeing tours, theater tickets, attraction passes, theme parks, even private and custom experiences.’ Their […]

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10,000 Reasons I’m Grateful For 2014

10,000 Reasons I’m Grateful For 2014 It’s the New Year and I thought there’s no better way of starting it than by counting the blessings God has graciously bestowed upon me in 2014. No, it’s not a comprehensive list of 10,000 reasons I’m grateful for although I feel like I have more than 10,000 reasons. I […]

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