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Prague: The Most Romantic City in the World

August 25, 2015

Prague: The Most Romantic City in the World

I stood staring down at the softly flowing Vltava River. It was dark, glimmering, and smooth. As if a magical flat iron smotthened the entire river. As the waters joined the weir down below, it turned into a captivating water curtain. Then it flowed smoothly once more as it joined the massive river on the other side of the weir. As if its quiet flow was never interrupted just seconds earlier.

11659439_862337697152634_3206417954863117613_nA boat plies along the placid Vltava River. (Photo Credit: Cherryl Ferrer)

prague-6A weir on the Vltava River controls its flow.

Within minutes, the setting sun broke through a pocket of clouds in the sky. The sun cast golden and reddish hues across the placid river. The sky was instantly transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors – a blend of different shades of pink, red, orange and gold. On the right, the red-orange brick roofs of the old houses in Prague’s Old Town glistened against the sun’s reflection. This only intensified the Old Town’s already vibrant colors, and the breathtaking city skyline.

prague-4One of the 30 Baroque statues on Charles Bridge.

The 16th Century Charles Bridge, on which I was standing, also brightened up against the sky’s flaming colors. The Bridge’s 30 Baroque statues atop parapets on both sides seemed to emerge from the dark corners. As if they too wanted to soak in the astounding beauty around me. On the left the old buildings’ domes and spires glistened, bringing the edifices to life. I dared not breathe, finding it hard to believe what I was seeing. I looked around at the people passing by. Walking briskly and then pausing here and there to take photos, most of them seemed unaware of the magical moment I was enjoying.

11698537_862332990486438_7620708704201078019_nThe joys of being newlyweds evident on this couple’s faces (Photo Credit: Cherryl Ferrer).

A bride and groom walked by, holding hands. A group of photographers followed them, bulky cameras and tripods in tow. The couple paused, and looked deep at each other’s eyes, a big smile written on their face. I sighed and leaned on the bridge balustrade thinking, “Wow. This is a romantic place.” I quickly turned around to hide a tear that threatened to drop from my eyes. Bouts of loneliness suddenly overwhelmed me. I uttered a silent prayer, “God, please make me fall in love. Let me know what it’s like to be in love.” As if hearing my prayer, a violinist broke the calming silence.

prague-8Wearing the wrong shirt in the right place.

The violinist’s soft, melodious and classical music filled the air. I smiled from ear to ear. I felt like I was floating in the air as I followed every strum of his violin. “No, this isn’t a romantic place.” I thought. “This is the most romantic place in the world!” I exclaimed to myself. Since then I always believed Prague was the most romantic city in the world. I planned to go back someday, Lord willing. And oh, God did answer my prayer. I did fall in love four years later with someone in North America, miles away from Prague. Would you believe that he too plays the violin? But that’s another story altogether.

prague-7Stunning old buildings grace the edge of the Vltava River.

Prague was never on my initial list of places to visit in Europe but thanks to a friend’s suggestion, I added it halfheartedly. I’m so glad I did. I went in early June, my pre-birthday treat. If you go, I hope you too can catch the magnificent sunset that I had seen. Unfortunately, I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot to capture the breathtaking sight. But I sure hope you do. Google ‘sunset in Prague’ it and you’ll find stunning photos. If you’re a hopeless romantic like me, you’ll definitely like the place. And if you want to fall in love, I definitely recommend you go to Prague. Well, just kidding. It depends but I’m certain you will fall in love with the city. Everybody sure does.

prague-9Prague and its stunning city skyline.

prague-13The 16th Century Waldstein Garden, found on the grounds of the Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. There is no entrance fee and it is open from 7:30am – 6pm on weekdays.

prague-16Prague’s cobblestone pathways add to its old-world charm.

prague-19Performers outside the State Opera.

prague-10Relaxing by the fountain in Prague Castle’s courtyard. The Castle is worth a peek.

Tips: Remember to visit the Old Town and look for the Old Town Hall Tower & Astronomical Clock, dating from the 15th Century. The Town Hall Tower, built in 1364, offers sweeping views of the Old Town Square and the surroundings.

Be prepared to get lost in translation in Prague. Read My Most Harrowing and Outrageously Funny Travel Experiences Around the World Part 2 and learn about my experience getting lost in translation in the city. Just remember, ask the younger generation for instruction. They’re sure to speak good and/or conversational English. But if yo do get lost, just consider it as part of the adventure. It’s the journey not the destination that matters after all.