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Gold Evening Gown by Janice Warner

November 6, 2017

Hair & Makeup: Janice Warner
Gown by: Janice Warner
Photography: Katharina Borszik

Throwing back to the day I modeled this flattering gold evening gown. I super loved that it fit me perfectly although it was tailored for someone else. My hubby said it looks like a perfect design for a wedding gown. I agree! A white satin gown with similar design will look perfect!

The pleats on the skirt made the dress look longer than it really is. It helped to cover the short skirt underneath too.

Gold flower sequins brought the front of this gown to life.

Looking almost glorious in this flowing gown. I’m wearing an expensive (borrowed) Chanel sandals. Notice the transparent back of the dress too. Very flattering, don’t you think!?