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How do you know he/she is the one?

Have you ever asked this one-million dollar question, “How do you know he/she is the one?” “Is there really such thing as ‘the one’? “What if I married the wrong one, what will happen then?” Like me, have you been paralyzed by the same fear? “What if I make a mistake?” “But how exactly do […]

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Review: Hotel Estoril Eden - Globetrotting Filipina

Review: Hotel Estoril Eden

Spectacular views. This sums up Hotel Estoril Eden. The Estoril Eden is an apartment hotel located along the city of Lisbon’s coastline. It is nestled between Estoril and Cascais, on the seafront. The hotel is 20 minutes away from Lisbon and only 100 meters away from the train station. The beaches are only a stone’s throw away […]

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