About Me

Petite Grace - previously Globetrotting Filipina - Janice Warner Emporium

Hi! I’m Maricel. I’m a freelance writer, editor and blogger. I also serve as Asst. Director of Marketing at StoryRunners, a Cru ministry. As you must have guessed I love to travel, by train the most. I enjoy drinking coffee, having a good laugh, and getting to know other cultures. I’m amazed by how much you can learn from having a simple chat with someone from a different cultural background. Try it if you haven’t. It’s quite enlightening if not liberating.

I initially started this blog to share my adventures across 40+ countries and states spanning five continents.  But I realized there’s a bigger need to write about things that really matter – love, romance, marriage, relationship, singleness, health, diet and/or lifestyle. So I re-branded this site to Petite Grace. Petite for fashion while Grace is, as you must have also guessed this site only exists ‘by God’s grace’. My name Maricel also comes from a Latin word which means ‘full of grace’.

There are so many blogs out there but only a handful of Christian bloggers so I thought maybe I could help someone by sharing my own story, struggles and triumphs as I go through this thing called life. By God’s grace. For partnership and collaboration, please email me at petitegrace7@gmail.com.

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